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"It is OUR Business to Keep YOUR Business

Drug & Alcohol Free"

        "Leading the WAY for  The         Transportation MEDICAL Industry "

Providing Occupational Medicine for over 27 yrs

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Employee screening & testing service

"It is OUR Business to Keep YOUR Business Drug & Alcohol Free"



         In 2010 Land Sea & Air Consulting  & Testing, Inc. was established to provide all the services pertaining to drug and alcohol testing and consulting services. Land Sea & Air Medical Review Specialists, P.C. would continue providing services related to medical exams, immunizations, and other medical services.

        As of January 1, 2016 Paul Perez became President and owner of Land Sea & Air Consulting  & Testing, Inc., Dr. Arnold D. Panzer M.D. will continue as the MRO for Land Sea & Air Consulting  & Testing, Inc. Dr. Jodie SherPirro D.O. has joined our staff as assistant MRO.

        Mr. Paul Perez will continue as the Practice Manager for Land Sea & Air Medical Review Specialists, P.C. Dr. Arnold D. Panzer will continue as President and Medical Director of Land Sea & Air Medical Review Specialists, P.C. We will continue to provide the same exceptional service you have come to expect. Thank for your business throughout the 27 plus years.  




Dr. Arnold D. Panzer, M.D. MRO

Paul Perez, CTPA MRO Assistant


Legal Marijuana for medical use update:  effective January 15, 2016

This is the hyper link for the contents of the complete NY State Legislation. This is the hyper link for the NY State Medical Marijuana program.


1. Marijuana has been legalized in New York for use with certain medical conditions.

2. Our office and staff can guide you thru the new legislation and how it affects your employees and policies whether

you perform drug testing under the DOT guidelines or not.

3. We can help educate you and develope amendments to your current policies.

4. If this is requested it will be handled on a company by company basis.

5. Please contact our office if you need assistance as these regulations are developed.

"Leading the WAY for  The Transportation MEDICAL Industry"


OPIOID TESTING FOR SYNTHETIC OPIOIDS HAS BECOME MANDATORY AS OF JAN 1, 2018.  If the MRO after conversation with the employee and receiving  documentation from your physician determines these medication's pose a safety risk he will commence the 5 day period.  


The employee has 5 business days after the verified negative result is reported to have the prescribing physician contact the MRO.


The MRO and prescribing physician will determine if the medication(s) can be changed to one that does not pose a significant safety risk and/or make the employee medically unqualified.


After 5 days, the MRO will report the safety concern. The MRO must immediately report the downgraded test result as a verified negative per Part 40.


The employer receives the negative result first, and then any medical information follows.  The MRO can report medical information to third parties before the 5-day period is ended if the prescribing physician contacts the MRO before the end of 5 business days and cannot alleviate the significant safety risk.